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About «Medicine»

«Medicine» – is a free peer-reviewed online open access journal, publishing the results of original research in different areas of medicine. The magazine is an officially certified media outlet.

All publications are available online, the authors retain copyright on the publication;

Received articles are published as soon as possible;

Publications are reviewed by the prominent specialists in various fields of medicine.

Editorial policy provides for the publication of the results of any medical and related (interdisciplinary) research, corresponding to the highest requirements of academic science. The relative importance of the articles is measured only by the level of reader interest in the publication, and not by the subjective views of the editors. All correspondence with authors, reviewers and readers is by means of e-mail.

Basic principles of the Editors:

We publish only the results of original research;

We do not accept previously published articles;

We do not accept for publication articles on parapsychology, bioenergetic fields and similar topics, contradicting with well-established scientific facts;

Reported experiments are carried out at an appropriate scientific level, adequately statistically processed, analyzed and described in sufficient detail;

Conclusions in the publication are derived from the text;

Reported research complies with the principles of scientific and biomedical ethics;

The journal publishes articles in Russian, If the author/s provide an adequate English translation, it may be published as well. The article sent to the Editors must have an abstract, data on employment and position of each author and the list of key words in Russian and English. Title of the article is also translated into English;

No changes to the article are accepted after the publication;

Brief reviews, discussion notes or letters to the editor are also accepted for publication. These materials may be presented in Russian and English;

Authors are fully responsible for the content of the articles and the fact of their publication. The editorial staff is not liable to the authors and/or third parties and organizations for any damage caused by the publication of the article. The Editors have the right to withdraw published article, in case it has violated any party's rights or generally accepted standards of scientific ethics. The author is informed on withdrawal;

Articles may be reprinted unchanged, with the obligatory reference to the journal «Medicine» as the source;

The Editors encourage web-dissemination of «Medicine» publications, provided that the source of the publication is indicated and contains an active hyperlink to the original publication;

The Editors do not have the ability to deal with stylistic and grammatical editing of materials sent. Authors are kindly requested to provide the necessary proof on their own. The editors reserve the right to reject articles due to grammatical and stylistic inadequacies.

Publisher: «Innovatsionnye Sotsialnye Proekty», Moscow, Russia.

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